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Weight sense is a community interest company that provides therapeutic coaching around eating disorders and disordered eating to the community. Weight Sense is a partnership of two Weight Management Therapists who provide training to organisations and companies, and continued professional development regarding, stress, mental health and eating disorders to other therapists, GP’s and health professionals.

Organisational & Company Training

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In 2017 the Centre for Mental Health found that stress and mental health problems cost the UK economy £34.9 Billion. £21.2 Billion was due to reduced productivity at work, with £10.6 Billion being lost due to sickness absence, with £3.1 Billion being spent on replacing staff who leave their jobs because of their mental health.

Weight Sense provide a comprehensive training programme to companies, for their employees to support their mental and physical health through stress management and nutritional guidance. This bespoke training programme can assist companies through better stress management, fewer mental health related absences and increased productivity.

Stress Management & Nutrition Training

Training programme typically includes:

  • How to recognise stress and mental health triggers in yourself and colleagues
  • Strategies for managing work related stress
  • Strategies for managing personal stress
  • Nutritional Guidance on foods and how they impact productivity, mood and energy levels
  • What to eat to support immune system, cognitive productivity and to combat fatigue.
  • Resources pack
  • CPD certificate

    Training is normally a mixture of taught learning, experiential learning & group work.

  • Continued Professional Development (CPD) Eating Disorder Awareness

    Eating Disorders are on the rise and more prevalent in the media, therapists and health professionals are seeing an increase in the number of patients/clients that need support. Our approach to training is based on the training of the National Centre for Eating Disorders (NCfED). This Diploma-level training is approved by the British Psychological Society and provides evidence-based methods for working with people who are struggling with an eating disorder or are overweight/obese.

    Eating disorder awareness training typically includes:

  • Types of eating disorder and disordered eating
  • What it’s like –the client experience
  • Working with eating disorders and disordered eating
  • Risks, competence and referral
  • Signs and symptoms of Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder and others including ARFID
  • Approaches, process and techniques
  • Resources pack
  • CPD certificate

  • Mental Health Training

    Companies and Organisations are coming under increasing pressure to better support their employees physical and mental health. We provide bespoke training which teaches employees to support their mental health.

    Typically, Mental Health training includes:

  • How to recognise mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, OCD, and addiction in yourself and colleagues
  • Strategies for boosting resilience
  • Toolkit on how to prevent and manage ill mental health
  • How to identify when extra support is needed
  • Resources pack
  • CPD certificate

  • An Approach That Works - Weight Loss Masterclasses for Women

    Weight Management Masterclass

    Weight Sense is a partnership of two therapists that have trained with the National Centre for Eating Disorders (NCfED), the primary organisation in the UK for understanding and working with people who struggle with these issues. NCfED draws on research studies from the UK and USA into what works, what may get in the way, and, importantly, what doesn't work. Both therapists are Master Practitioners, holding Diplomas in Eating Disorders and Obesity as well as Certificates in Practitioner Skills for Eating Disorders, Psychological Skills for Obesity and Overweight, and Nutritional Interventions for Eating Disorders.

    Weight sense Masterclass’ are all about helping you to move to a happier relationship with food, eating and weight, using an evidence-based approach that considers all aspects of the problem: mindset, habits, lifestyle, emotional factors, relationships and physiological processes.

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    6 Hours to Change Your Life

    Are you stuck in an endless cycle of dieting? Tired of battling with conflicting information? Weight Sense Therapy and Support masterclasses make weight loss easier and sustainable by helping you gain a skill set and mindset for life that keeps the weight off. Instead of impossible diets and humiliating weigh-ins, we provide skills for life that enable you to
  • lose weight and keep it off
  • feel happier
  • shift your mindset around eating and food
  • understand and overcome emotional eating
  • boost willpower and conquer cravings
  • deal with lapses or 'bad days'
  • understand the key nutritional factors that make a difference to weight loss.

    Our exclusive small-group programme is designed by women for women. It is run by qualified and experienced therapists who have trained in the physical and psychological aspects of sustainable weight loss. We hold advanced diplomas in obesity and weight management, as well as diplomas in therapeutic counselling and coaching. We have worked extensively with people who struggle with issues around food, weight and eating, and have also trained other therapists in this field.

    Our programme comprises a one day masterclass followed by a personalised one-to-one session, designed to help you to change your behaviour and feelings around food, eating and weight. Weight Sense is a social enterprise that exists solely to help people like you, who are struggling with weight management/loss, rather than to make a profit. If you have tried numerous diets, and have become disheartened about ever achieving sustainable weight loss, there is another way, and our services can help you reach your goal.

  • Case Study - Christine

    When Christine came to us she was unhappily overweight. She was unable to go upstairs without becoming breathless, and she didn't enjoy shopping for clothes, going on holiday with her family or eating out. Her days were dominated by worries about what she would and could eat, and about how she looked. Christine had tried numerous diets; some were completely unsuccessful, on others she lost weight but put it back on soon afterwards. At the same time she felt she didn't eat that much - she sometimes felt faint. She did binge from time to time, an antidote to the endless regime of rules and restraint.

    After attending our masterclass and following up with one to one work, Christine has thrown away her diet books. She doesn't count calories or deprive herself. She enjoys her food, including meals out and special occasions. She is eating more most days, and has lost the drive to binge. With her mind freed up from worries about food and weight, Christine is also planning some exciting changes in her life.

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    Reviews - People we've helped

    "It really helped me change, especially the way I think and I am now losing weight".

    "I thought I would never find something that worked for me and had lost hope that I could lose weight and keep it off, 3 months later and I am still going strong"

    "The one to one support helped me uncover why all my dieting has failed in the past, which has led to me being able to move forward"

    "The masterclasses have transformed my relationship with food"

    "My body image has improved"

    "Edwina and Kay are so understanding, knowledgeable and helpful I got way more support than I have ever had at numerous dieting clubs"

    The Masterclass will enable you to start making changes immediately

    A Weight Sense masterclass is an important investment in yourself, and your future happiness.Our masterclasses are design by women for women and are a supportive environment to kick start your weight loss journey. Edwina and Kay are experienced facilitators and know that group environments can be intimidating for some people. We work hard to ensure that you feel comfortable in the masterclass and, if you wish, sharing your own personal experiences. What we find is that people rarely want to leave at the end of the day having enjoyed themselves learning, sharing and having fun.

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    1 Day Masterclass Package, including an exclusive complimentary one to one session

    For £299 you will receive a 1 day masterclass where you will be taught how to:

  • lose weight and keep it off
  • feel happier
  • shift your mindset around eating and food
  • understand and overcome emotional eating
  • boost willpower and conquer cravings
  • understand the key nutritional factors that make a difference to weight loss.

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    You will also receive

  • a 90 minute one to one session with our weight management specialists
  • expert guidance on your individual weight loss concerns
  • formulated implementable plan on what to tackle first
  • one to one support in changing your mindset, habits and behaviours
  • food diary analysis for assistance with nutritional changes
  • key strategies to help you deal with 'bad days'
  • a folder of valuable weight loss resources.
  • preferential access to ongoing one to one support at a 5% discount
    The question is how much longer can you afford to not be doing something effective about your weight? In our experience weight issues don't just disappear on their own without support, help and guidance, which we can give you, for different areas of your life.

    The masterclass is held in central London, accessible from major mainline stations. Light refreshments are provided. Please bring a packed lunch. One to one sessions are held in central London, Stamford (Lincs) or Market Harborough (Leics), with some flexibility as to date and time. Remote sessions may be available if required.

    If you have any queries please call 07976 419 793 or click here to book.

    We limit the class size to a maximum of 16 people on a first come first served basis.

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    Weight Sense Masterclass

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    Weight Loss Coach London, Peterborough, Leicester, Cambridge

    If you are looking for something that works and is an alternative to a diet, weight loss therapy in Peterborough, Leicester or London can help you. The one to one sessions are built on being supportive; a mix of counselling, coaching and problem solving skills so that you can move forward with your everyday life feeling more empowered. Our bespoke approach includes nutritional information about your diet and we coach you through being able to navigate your life making more informed choices. Weight management is an important part of the programme and will help you develop skills for life that you can implement.

    Our small-group masterclasses are held in London, Peterborough and Leicester. Weight management counselling/coaching will help you to make changes to your diet and food, and get the support that you need to manage your weight. The masterclasses are within easy reach of towns and villages in Lincolnshire (Stamford, Bourne, Deeping), Cambridgeshire (Huntingdon, Cambridge, Wisbech, Peterborough), Northamptonshire (Oundle, Corby, Kettering, Northampton), Rutland (Oakham, Uppingham) and Leicestershire (Leicester, Market Harborough, Oadby, Melton Mowbray, Lutterworth).

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    We also welcome attendees from further afield - your one-to-one sessions can be done by Skype, in the comfort of your own home. Our venues are accessible from UK towns and cities including Cambridge, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Rugby, Coventry, Nottingham, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Sheffield and others.

    All of our weight loss masterclasses are held in central locations and can be reached by car, train or coach.

    If you have tried numerous diets, and have become disheartened about ever achieving sustainable weight loss, there is another way. For many people, diets don't work, and have effects on the mind and body which undermine your efforts. It is not your fault.. See Did you know? for more information.

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